Saturday, November 2, 2013

Yes, it is.....

My favorite month of the year has begun.
My kids' not-so-favorite month has begun.
No television
No computer
No video games
No movies
No kidding
John and Emily are passing the torch on to Grant and Grace this year.
I told them high schoolers did not have to participate in NO-vember.
Lucky for them.
Dad took their iPhones away for other reasons this week.
Unlucky for them.
Lots of coloring, crafts, books and games this month.
Like I said, it's my favorite.
Homecoming tonight
Getting ready
Moral support from little sister
Trick-or-treating was last night in our neighborhood.
It was postponed due to severe weather Thursday evening.
Officer Grant reporting for duty.
He provided security for Princess Jasmine's trick-or-treating party.

Here is Officer Grant dashing in to save Princess Jasmine from the evil Franken-neighbor.

Grace checking out her bounty.

Grant sorting and cataloging his inventory

Passing out candy to late trick-or-treaters before bedtime.
Got to go pick up kids from homecoming dance!