Sunday, May 11, 2014

Back On The Hamster Wheel

Happy Mother's Day to the mothers in our life. 

 We love you and honor you on this special day. 
Well, I am back on the big hamster wheel of life....
the lack of blogging has not been for dramatic reasons.  I just can't find time to sit down and blog amidst the busyness of life....
that and I might be moving a tad bit slower than normal right now.
David and I worked at the farm Wednesday afternoon.  He tilled the garden while I got the orchard trees sprayed.  We also checked on our bees.  There will definitely be honey to share this year.  Yeah!
The momma duck is patiently sitting her nest.  With luck, there will be ducklings in another week. 
We also checked on the progress at the new house.  Painters have been busy this past week tearing out paneling, peeling wallpaper and painting walls and trim.  It looks amazingly different than before.  Ronnie is looking forward to moving into his newer bigger farm house when it is finished.
Baby goats are all doing well too. 
Six of them frolicking around are a sight to behold. 
They have a lot of fun playing in the pasture and climbing rock piles.
We enjoyed John and Emily's ROTC awards program Thursday afternoon.  They were each recognized with two different awards.  I did not get any pictures of them in uniform as I had hoped.  I will correct that problem before the end of the school year.

It was back to the farm Thursday evening with the entire family for a garden planting party.  Most of the party goers were in less than festive moods.  We DID get the garden planted.  We even got a few smiles from the laborers before getting home very late that night. 
Grant and Grace went to a friend's house Saturday to help celebrate Braeden's birthday.  John spent the day with a friend nearby.  Emily and I enjoyed a little girl time and retail therapy...mostly hers, not mine.  Teenage girls have a lot of things they consider necessities that I might have to move to the luxuries column of the ledger.  We navigated the issue of wants and needs and came home with less than she wanted and more than I wanted.  That's probably a pretty good day of shopping.
Today after church we enjoyed an early lunch in honor of Mother's Day. 
An afternoon nap has left plenty of daylight for things like blogging and playing with kids.
Life is good.
Happy Mother's Day!!

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  1. Angie, Do hope you had a good, happy & memorable Mothers Day. After the past couple of weeks you deserve one. Love you, Mom