Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Corporal Emily Shupe reported to class today wearing her uniform for the last time.  She is elated at the thought of no more uniforms in her future.  The year of ROTC has been good for her.  I will remind her of her distaste of the uniform next January when her friends are preparing to attend the military ball...not that it will help the situation at the time of course.

John and Emily performed in the spring concert at school last night.  The music was great.  I am glad both kids decided to continue with band next year.  I am doubly glad they will not join marching band.  Their director is a bit of a fanatic.  Heck, who am I kidding.  She IS a fanatic when it comes to marching band.  Those kids get about two weeks off in the summer before camps and practices begin.  Then it doesn't slow down until the end of November.  The Shupe family has a black mark by our name because our kids don't march.  I don't much care.  Neither do john or Emily.

Grace begins testing this week at school.  She is excited because that means no homework for the next couple weeks.  What a tough time of year to do testing though.  Have you tried to convince a nine year old that it is time to park the bike and get ready for bed at the regular bedtime when there is still more than an hour of daylight left?  Not an easy task.  I might or might not be sending my child to school sleep deprived on test day.  Hey, it's third grade, not college exams.  Right?!

Grant had his second baseball game last night.  David and I had to use the divide and conquer strategy since we had kids in multiple places at once.  We drew straws and he got baseball.  I got the band concert.  That was probably a good thing.  I would have been pretty useless as third base coach....a job david quite enjoyed.  Though he is a very competitive guy, I think he tried to moderate his enthusiasm to a level more appropriate for six and seven year olds instead of the major leagues.  Grant's team won for the first time.  Their record is 1-1.  If it dries out in time, they play again Thursday.

I do have pictures to post.  Sorry for the lack of visual aids.  I'll fix that later today if time.

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