Monday, May 12, 2014

Thoughtful and Creative

When playing in the creek, there is an abundance of flowers to pick.
Grace and Emily wanted to pick some last weekend to bring to me when I was still resting and recovering.
The problem?
Nothing to put the flowers in.
Not to fear.  Daddy always has the best solutions to life's little problems.
Use Grace's boots
Best floral arrangement a mother could ever get!
 The kids each made me a card for Mother's Day.
I have enjoyed them greatly.
Most cards exchanged between kids in this house are homemade. 
Here's Grant making one for Grace's birthday a couple months ago.

The kids can make whatever they want for each other.
They get pretty interesting at times.
Emily even made this poster for Grace's birthday.
It is a quote from the Lilo and Stitch movie.
The girls finally got the poster hung in Grace's room this past weekend.
My favorite loving gesture lately though has to be the boot full of flowers.

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