Thursday, May 29, 2014

Meet Flat Stanley

Flat Stanley is a character in a book Grant's class read last week.
Grant brought Flat Stanley home over the holiday weekend.  Grant was supposed to include Stanley in our weekend activities and then write journal entries about their weekend together.

Stanley and Grant caught a turtle at the farm.  Stanly even got to go for a ride on the turtle.
The turtle was just grateful Grant did not want a ride as well.

Stanley enjoyed a trip to the pool Monday evening.
Stanley decided since he was only made of paper he should not actually get in the water. 

Stanley and Grant shared some ice cream from the ice cream man.

And Stanley helped Grant welcome Baby R into our home Monday evening.

After their busy weekend, Grant took Stanley back to school and turned in his journal of their many adventures together.

Baby R is doing great.
He never lacks for attention.

He is a very easy going little guy...never complaining about trips to baseball games or the pool or school.

picking flowers 
wearing my her new hat.

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