Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Exciting rides

We spent the evening on the lake tubing and skiing. 

Grace and Grant can both get up on two skis for short distances, but they both prefer the tube. 

Just for meanness, we made all four kids ride together. 
They were not pleased by this mode of transportation. 

I on the other hand rather enjoyed the few moments without the chatterboxes in the boat. 

John slalom skiing...

Emily NOT slalom skiing. 

She tried several times to get up on two skis. She almost made it too. With a little more work she will be skiing before we put the boat away for the winter. 

Our chauffeur.....

We spent the long weekend working at the farm and helping Grandpa celebrate a belated birthday. Fall cleanup time is quickly approaching at the farm. We overcame the urge to work and instead spent some time riding horses and playing in the creek. 

Snickers got another big girl lesson. We had bridle and saddle on her. 

She got a little fidgety when we tightened the girth,  but she settled right back down and let Grace sit in the saddle for a few minutes

Hope you had a nice Labor Day weekend!  


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