Monday, September 22, 2014

Precocious Puberty

Grant is in serious need of a razor. 

I was a bit startled when Willie from Duck Dynasty strolled into my kitchen after school.   

The beard and duck call were prizes for a school fundraiser. Both grace and grant have shiny new duck calls and beards. 

Their duck calls from last year's fundraiser were inadvertently lost (perhaps in a trash can) just a few months back. Honestly, can you not give these kids a quieter prize like playdoh or maybe crayons?  Something not quite so LOUD!


Saturday we took one last trip to Kentucky Kingdom...

The water park wastill open.

Eighty degrees and sunny

Beautiful weather and lots of fun


Back to the fundraiser thing.......

What about BOOKS!  Give them books for prizes!

See how quiet a book is?

Okay. Rant over. I have to go find the Tylenol. All this quacking is giving me a headache!

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