Monday, September 15, 2014


We have made several trips to the farm lately to document progress on tearing down the old house in preparation for the barn. 

The trees around the house were mostly gone by Friday. 

We took one last walk through it Sunday afternoon

because by Monday evening the entire hill should look like this. 

The bulldozer was quiet over the weekend but Glen the Dozer Guy will be back to finish the job this week. 

We took a few minutes to say hi to the horses. 
Snickers greeted David with a slobbery kiss on the head. 

Doc and Snickers shared a moment. 

Fall cleanup has begun. The garden is tilled under. 

The orchard is cleaned up too. 

I will put the bees to bed for the winter in the next few weeks and start cleaning out run-ins and barns. 

David hopes to get a late cutting of hay yet before finishing up the year mowing fence rows and pastures. I think the farm is prettiest in the fall when the work is done and days are short.

The kids are doing well. John took a friend to the farm this past weekend to help haul firewood. They had a lot of fun while getting a large amount of wood stacked. 

Grant goes to the orthodontist today. Maybe another child will get their braces removed!  Yeah!

Take care and have a great week enjoying this beautiful weather!

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