Saturday, September 6, 2014


Something about Grant just doesn't seem quite right.   

This is what we found at Grant's desk at open house Tuesday evening. All of the kids made cut outs of themselves. It was really cute. 

We met new teachers and hugged those we know from previous years. Grant's teacher is teaching a Shupe scholar for the first time.  Grace's teacher taught John and Emily many years ago.  Both are sweet ladies. We should have a great year. 

Thursday night I went to John and Emily's high school open house. The evening was busy as parents walked the halls on a shortened version of the student's daily schedule. I do not envy my kids.  They have busy schedules and some tough classes. Better them than me!

Today we spent several hours at Kentucky Kingdom riding roller coasters and other rides. I'm so glad our kids love coasters, but today I thought we might have an issue with Grant. We put him on his first grown up coaster. There might or might not have been a few tears as we were hauled up that first big hill!  He was more than a little bit scared. I'm happy to report he survived. However he did not suggest a second trip.

Happy birthday to Grandma Shupe. Hope your day was as special as you!


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