Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Grantisms #260 and counting

While on vacation.....and after asking for exactly seven hundred souvenirs....and getting a good portion of what he asked for.....

Grant said, "I'm finished with the I WANTS now".

From the back seat of the car in carpool line....

"Did God have to go to school?"

Explaining to Grace why PURTY is a word.....

"Purty means five percent more than pretty"

On why rainbows are so pretty.....

"Rainbows are really made of sugar."

We were recently discussing with Grant the importance of doing his chores daily.  This includes feeding the dogs.
To show Grant the importance of feeding the dogs daily, David asked, "What would you think if Mom didn't feed you for an entire day?"
Grant's answer?
"I'd be okay with that."
Not the answer we were hoping for.
Some days parenting are tougher than others!  Grant sure keeps us on our toes.

Grant crashed his bicycle the other day...no surprise there.  He flies down our hill like a fighter pilot in enemy airspace. 

David asked Grant about the latest crash and burn.

When asked if he cried, Grant said, "I started to, but then I sucked it up."
I'm sure he did too.
Grant "sucked it up" today too. 
I received a call from school yesterday.  Grant was in the office not feeling well.  I picked him up a little before lunch.  After learning that being home sick means no television and no friends, Grant wasn't so sure that missing school was all he had hoped it would be. 
Last night was a school skating party.  Grace skated.  Grant got to sit home with Emily.
Today he decided maybe he should go to school even if he didn't feel the greatest. I bet he sucks it up and stays the entire day.  There's bikes to ride and friends to play with.  Who has time to be sick when you're seven years old?

Drawings Grant made on David's whiteboard
It's Poke'mon stuff.  That's as much as I can tell you about it all.
He loves Poke'mon right now.

The Irma Hotel in Cody, Wyoming
Grace and Grant sitting in the barstools
Grant staying warm while he gets his morning cartoon fix....


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