Wednesday, March 25, 2015

When things go wrong

We took Grant to the only true flat spot on the farm this past weekend.  He had a great time riding circles. At least he had a great time until his four wheeler stopped working. 

Being the ever resourceful out-pf-the-box thinking guy he is, David quickly figured out how to haul the now dead four wheeler back to the house. 

Pretty good, huh?

The mud on the Rhino is from maple sap runs when trails were wet and muddy. No one was complaining about doing a little mudding along with our sap collecting. I just wish there was a car wash nearby to clean all of that mud off now!

Grant can now check off "milk a goat" from his bucket list. 

Lucy, our last pregnant momma, gave birth a couple weeks ago. Would you believe she stepped on her only baby and broke its neck?  

Mother Nature - 8
Shupe Farm - 0

We are having quite a string of bad luck, but I am optimistic things will start getting better. Baby calves should start making an appearance in the next month or so. Hopefully our bad luck is all used up by then. 

And for the record, Grant was the only one brave enough to taste fresh goat milk. He said it was awful. I'll take his word for it. 

Jake and Courtney are doing fine. They are staying with family and beginning to put life back together. I hope they are all out of bad luck too. 

Have a good evening. I have to get kids home from various activities and finish spreading the dump truck full of mulch that has filled our driveway the past three days. 

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