Tuesday, August 16, 2016


 That age when even innocent words become inappropriately funny to a boy...

 Dick and Jane is Grant's new favorite reading material.  It has nothing to do with reading levels, plot lines or character development. But you guessed right if you guessed that Dick is his favorite character.  Every time he mentions the name he can't help but laugh.  Yes.  Our nine year old son is now amused by junior high bathroom humor.  Sigh.

Other favorite words that will bring giggles bubbling to the surface of any conversation....

NUTS - Who would think McDonald's could be so funny until you ask a nine year old if he wants nuts on his sundae?!

DUTY - an old favorite joke of his....Why was Vladimir Putin in the bathroom?  It was his DOODY!

BREASTS (as in chicken breasts) - this word usually leads to him laughing hysterically and Grace in an incredibly foul mood for reasons I will not explain here

WEINER (as in weiner roast) - can't have a weiner roast at the farm anymore without discussing the significance of roasting a part of the male anatomy

anything including the word BUT

You get the idea.

Sometimes I have to leave the room so he doesn't see ME laughing too!!  Does that make me a bad parent???

That moment when the word you want escapes you....

Grant: What day did Bella come to life?

Me:  Ummm, do you mean when was Bella born?

I laughed recently at Grant's observations regarding 'the lunch lady' at school.  That's what he calls her.  He doesn't know her real name.  Neither do I.  We just call her the lunch lady.

Sometimes if the lunch lady feels students are too loud, she will make them eat lunch in silence.  I'm not fond of this policy, but hey, she didn't ask for my help making the rules.

Anyway, he was complaining because the lunch lady was grumpy.  I asked him if she was yelling at the kids.  He said, "No.  She wasn't yelling at us.  But she WAS TALKING IN ALL CAPS."  I had to laugh.  When I was nine years old I had no idea what it meant to talk in all caps.  These kids today are so familiar with technology such as email and texting that the comment seemed normal to Grant.  It was simply a way to explain the lunch lady's loud voice.

 Grant is not really loving school this year.  He's not having a bad year.  He's just not very fond of his teacher.  His teacher is great and well respected in the school.  He will definitely learn a lot in her room.  She is very precise and efficient in how she runs her classroom.  But that isn't giving Grant any warm fuzzy feelings toward her. He's a bit more lax in his organizational approach.  I'm guessing she's not feeling warm fuzzies for him either based on what Grant says.  It might be a long year. It's reminiscent of his second grade year.  And he survived that.  He'll survive this too.

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