Saturday, August 13, 2016


 Not sure who took this but I like it.  This is a fence that was near an old barn that used to be on our farm.  The barn is long gone, but you can still see a loading chute near where it stood.

Some things will forever remain a mystery....
like how part of a bicycle brake ended up in the middle of our hay field. 

And even more mysterious is how it managed to impale a tractor tire and end David's mowing for the day when the tire suddenly went flat.

Other deep mysteries include what creative shape this triominos game  made.  
Grant and I saw dinosaurs and birds.  
The other mystery is whose random foot is in the picture!

 Hydrangeas happily growing on the north side of our house in Louisville....

These guys struggled for seven years at the farm where I planted them.  They were never very healthy or happy there.  I brought them home to Louisville and they have thrived and put on quite a show this year.  They obviously love the more shady spot and the irrigation that gives them a steady supply of water.

Emily trying to find something to wear that doesn't drive her father crazy....

 As you can see, the selection process got a bit out of hand.

 We decided her dad would be pleased with nothing less than this fashion statement.
 And no.  She did not leave the house looking like this.

Our neighbor recently lost their dog to old age.
Not long after they brought this bundle of fuzzy cuteness home.
I am so glad they did.
Now I can have all the fun of a small dog without the work of another pet in the house!

Rocky is the definition of adorableness!  
We love pet sitting for our neighbors!!

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