Wednesday, January 18, 2017

That Sweet Little Face!

Oh my!  How I miss that sweet little face and that blonde blonde hair!!!
This was John at probably age three (seems like a hundred years ago).

I think this guy was the world's cutest Christmas tree cutter.


Not that I'm biased in any way.

 Here's a puzzler for you.
I know this isn't correct,
but it took me a long moment to figure out what was wrong.

I'm going to give this to John and Emily tonight.

Let's see how
 the highly-educated-super-smart-smarter-than-their-parents-even high schoolers
 do with this challenge!

 Speaking of super smart....

this is starting to sound like a big brag fest.....

(Be warned. It IS a brag fest today.)

Grant was inducted into the Junior BETA Club at his elementary school.
Yes.  So were about sixty other kids.
I know! I know!

But I get to brag once in a while, don't I?!

And while I'm bragging...
guess what early riser in the family has decided
 to start fixing his own fried eggs in the morning!

my newly hired ten year old breakfast chef
 I'm loving this newly found independence he's showing.

I'm done bragging now.


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