Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Old Goats and New Goats

Three weeks ago David and I found the sweetest little surprise tucked into the corner of the barn.

One of our goats gave us a very late Christmas gift. Can you see her hiding beneath the fence panels?
I think I'll name her Holly.

Although this is a terrible time of year for new babies, 
she has handled the cold weather like a champion and is doing great. 

The first week or two I would find her cuddled in the straw
while the big goats made a pass through the field for food.
Now she likes to run and play even on the coldest of days with the big goats. 

 They are so sweet and cuddly when they are new! 

She's going to have to wait a few months for some new playmates.  I don't expect the other girls to give us more babies until May or June. 

 But I could be wrong of course.  I have been once or twice in my life!

Here is our buck showing off for the camera.  He's quite proud of himself. 

And he's proud of his very first offspring.  Of course, I'm excited he's a new daddy too
His success at becoming a daddy just guaranteed our ability to sell him as a breeding buck this summer if we decide to. 

THAT makes me VERY happy!

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