Saturday, May 8, 2010

Around the House

Grace:  Is Mother's Day in May?

Mom:  Yes, then next month is Father's Day.  That is in June.

Grant:  Then comes Boy's Day?? (ummm, no)

Watching the two little ones play in the tub one evening.....

Mom:  What are you doing Grace?

Grace: (with her shape sorter pieces lining the edges of the tub)  These are my seeds.  I am growing a garden.

Mom:  What are you growing in your garden?

Grace: (pointing to the square shapes) These are carrots.

Grace: (pointing to the cirle shapes)  These are strawberries.

Grace (pointing to the triangles)  These are fish.

Mom:  You grow fish in your garden??

Grace: Yes.  I like to eat fish so I'm growing lots.

Grant:  (pointing to his toys now lined up along the edge of the tub) I'm growing peanut butter and jelly!!!!

Mom:  Hey Grace, WHY are you wearing three pair of underwear at the same time?  (no kidding, she was)

Grace:  Because I got the first pair wet so I put on clean ones and two pair fell out so I put them both on.

Mom:  Why didn't you take off the wet ones first?

Grace:  I don't know.   (I don't either)(yuck)

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