Monday, May 3, 2010

The 'S' Word

Things heard around here lately..........

David: (to Grace while sitting on the bleachers at John's baseball game tonight)  No, Grace, I DO NOT want to sing 'Five Little Speckled Frogs' with you while we're at the ballgame.

David:  No, Grace, I won't sing it with you now either.

David:  No, Grace, I won't sing it with you after the game either.

David:  I'm not singing your song now.






You get the idea.


 Grace:  Hey, Grant, let's play in my room.

Grant:  OK, let's go!!!

Grace:  But you CAN'T drool on the bed.  (She knows her brother well) (He's still a drooler)


Grant: (trying to brush his teeth at bedtime)  Grace!!!!  That's my pile of water.

Grace:  (trying to dip her toothbrush in the sink full of water)  But, Grant, I need to use the pile too!

Mom:  You can both use the pile of water.  If you can't get along, we'll make the pile of water go down the drain, understand?

Grace/Grant:  Yes, mom.

I'm not sure before this conversation took place I had ever described water as being in a PILE.  Sometimes I wonder about my sanity when I hear the things that come out of my mouth around these guys.


 Grant:  OWWW, Mom, that hurts.

Mom:  (trying to get his pajamas on him)  What is wrong?

Grant:  The ants are biting me.

Mom:  What ants?  There aren't any ants.

Grant:  Yes there are!  They're hurting my bottom!

I figured out he was sitting in my lap on the floor.....bare bottomed after his bath.  Guess I'd better get a new razor for the legs, huh?  I think I was hurting the poor fellow.


Just to be equitable,
I thought I'd share one of my favorites out of Emily's mouth a few years ago.

One day when Emily and John were in preschool, I was standing around in their classroom visiting with some of the other mothers.  One of them mentioned that they had said a "bad word" in front of their kids and that the child had called them on it.

Emily was listening and decided to add to the conversation.

She interrupted the conversation and said.....

"My mom says the 'S' word"

Stunned silence from the mothers.  I'm sure I can guess what they were all thinking.

Emily returned to idea she had just destroyed her mother's reputation.

I just smiled and carried on with the conversation.

Only later did I have enough composure to explain that the 'S' word in our house is actually a six letter word, not a four letter word........STUPID.

The kids still to this day will not use that word.

I however have no such reservations.  I use it liberally, especially when describing things of a political nature.


I have pictures to post, but the camera is upstairs and I'm downstairs.  It ain't happening tonight.


John did have a baseball game tonight.  They won again.  I think their record is now three wins, two ties (time limit) and one loss.  I might be off, but I think that is right.  He hit one RBI and scored one run himself. 

 He's said he isn't playing next year because of all the scheduling conflicts he ends up having.  We'll see.


I got the piano tuned today.   When the poor piano guy showed up at the door i had been upstairs ironing.  While I was ironing, the kids had unloaded the playroom (no exaggeration there)into the foyer RIGHT IN FRONT of the front door.  I had to push the toys back so I could open the door for the poor guy.  Grant was naked (of course) and Grace had on some crazy outfit she had selected herself while playing dressup with Grant. 

One crazy dog, two crazy/naked kids, my messy self and a genuine disaster in the foyer, I wasn't sure the poor guy was even going to venture into the basement to see the piano.

He managed to tune it and then leave just as the rest of the zoo (john/emily/david) arrived home bringing more noise and mess with them. 

I think he was happy to move on to the next customer of the day.



I have enough ironing to do I could work from now until the sun came up and still not get it done.
Somehow that just makes it that much less interesting to even start.

I've got to though.
Otherwise someone besides Grant might be parading around here without clothes.

Don't think we want to see that.

I'm off to iron.

Good night.

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