Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Derby - Shupe style

AND....They're OFF!!!!!

And they're coming around the first turn with Little Red on the inside rail.

Big Green takes the lead as they head down the backstretch!

Pink and Pretty seems to be having a little trouble as they round the first turn.
Little Red is bringing up the rear as the pack turns for home.

And the winner by two tricycle lengths is Big Green!!

Sorry.   I couldn't resist.

If you look closely at this picture, or click on it to make it larger, you will see John with his feet directly above his head....not something I could do anymore.

And again......

And back to the raingutter duck races.  They really loved this thing.

Still more pictures coming.
Hopefully I can get them caught up this week.

In horse news,
it would seem like we're getting close to the day when we can bring them to our farm.
The barn is almost wired completely.  The water is almost finished.
Now we're waiting on the fence guys.
It won't stop raining long enough for them to get out there and work!
They were supposed to start on Wednesday, but due to rain it will not be any earlier than Thursday.  We'll have to see how quickly they can get it done.

We should have the horses by the last weekend in October at the latest.
The kids are excited.
Okay, I'm excited too.

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