Monday, October 17, 2011

I would never.....

allow my daughter to skip school just to go to the zoo with her brother.

Well, actually I would


I did.

She has had a tough time adjusting to all day school this year.  Plus she misses her brother terribly.  He misses her too. 

I expected that.  They are best buddies and play so well together.

So on a beautiful Friday in October when the kids had a four day weekend coming anyway, I suggested a trip to the zoo.

Both were ecstatic.

Just don't tell on me, okay?

I'm supposed to be a responsible parent. 
Don't ruin my reputation.

We had a great day....good memories.

These opportunities won't come often anymore.
I'm going to enjoy these time every chance I get.

You know what I thought when I was looking at all of the carousel horses?

I wondered if I could tell their ages by looking at their teeth like can be done on a real horse!

I think I've been reading way too many books about caring for horses lately!

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