Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pronoun Post

THIS is not supposed to be at the farm....

Want to wager how long IT survived in the wild?

SHE was in love with this ride at Devine's Farm and Orchard.

HE thought it was pretty neat too.

THEY wanted to keep riding, but we made them get out after one trip around.

WE had places to go and pumpkins to pick.

THOSE are the chosen gourds.

THAT is a path in a cornfield.

THESE are my kids wandering around (sort of lost) in the cornfield.

AND wandering.....


THIS is the hottest natured kid I have EVER known.

THESE are his slumped shoulders as he shuffles through the corn ready to die from heat exhaustion.

(It was seventy degrees in case you were wondering.)

I am the mom that carried the boy the last several minutes because HE was absolutely one hundred percent positive he would die if he took one more step.

THIS is the crew that (barely) finished the First Timers maze.
You'll be happy to know we finished without needing to call 9-1-1.

THIS is a genuine show of affection between our two oldest kids.


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