Monday, October 31, 2011

Picture Taking - FAIL!!

Hey, Grant!  Let me take a picture of your way cool spider hat from preschool!

Umm, why don't you take the ring pop/pacifier thingy out of your mouth for the picture, huh?

Okay, not good.  Let's keep trying.

Shut your mouth Grant!

How about a smile???

Indigestion, perhaps?
You look like you ATE a spider instead of wore a spider!

Twenty shots later this is the best we could do.

He has been WIRED on candy all week last week.
My stash of candy for Halloween night is dwindling quickly thanks to my kids.

So Grace, what have you been up to this past week??

Oh yeah!  You lost a SECOND TOOTH!
I got to pull this one for her after dinner Friday night.

Here is the tooth all tucked into the tooth fairy bag to place under her pillow.

She left the tooth fairy a note asking her to leave the tooth.

At this rate, I think the tooth fairy needs to go lock in a low interest loan to pay for all these teeth!!

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