Sunday, October 16, 2011

Getting Ready for Halloween

In place of stockings right now we have bats, pumpkins, monsters and witch's hats hanging around our fireplace.

I picked up these wooden ornaments at the craft store while shopping for supplies for Grant's preschool Halloween party.

I thought the kids might have fun painting them....and I was right.  They did.

I'm glad the older two have not gotten 'too old' to have fun doing these things.

Everyone has costumes ready for the big night.

Candy is bought.  Kids are sampling the goodies every chance they get.

No sugar cookies yet cale.  Maybe I can get some made this week before Joselyn comes over.  If we get them made in time, I'll send some home with her.  If you're nice to her, maybe she'll share with you!

This poor fellow gets the place of honor on our patio door each year.
Grace and Grant have made a new sport out of rearranging his bones into all kinds of funny poses.

That is the kind of silly thing that I hope my kids remember when they are grown.  I hope they remember that more often than they remember the times when Mom is tired and grouchy and things aren't much fun here!!

 Grace's craft from preschool a couple years ago.  Now it is Grant's turn to fill my house with holiday crafts and keepsakes.  I love all the little things they bring home.  They're always so proud of their work.  So am I!

After church today we hung out at home.  Much to my kids' dismay we spent a few hours cleaning the house so the health department didn't find us in violation of code.
Other than that it's been pretty quiet here.

OH, I did a garage sale yesterday.

 The neighborhood garage sale was this weekend.  The HOA advertises the date so individuals don't have any advertising costs to participate.

 David and I decided last minute to pull all of the baby furniture, gadgets, carseats and such out of the attic and try our luck.  I haven't done a garage sale since we moved here.  It took about an hour to get things down from the attic and assembled.

 I made a couple hundred dollars and still have lots left to sell.  It is NOT going back into the attic.  I'm loading it up tomorrow and taking it to a consignment store nearby.  Maybe I can make a couple hundred more and clean out the attic at the same time.

These two are the last two Shupe babies.  I'm not planning on needing this stuff again.

They were really good helpers all morning while I sold things.

My attic sure looks a lot cleaner now!

Just don't look in my garage!!!!
The left over things are stored in there until I can get them to a consignment shop this week.

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