Monday, June 18, 2012


Emily has really stepped up this year and is helping me out in a big way.

She is helping with a lot of little chores around the house in addition to her regular chores she is supposed to do.

I noticed with her at camp this week all of those little things she does for me in a day.

The biggest help she has been lately is being my CEB (Chief Executive Babysitter).
With David working at the farm and office so much lately, I have inherited his job of running John to ballgames and practices.

That means Emily has inherited my job of watching the younger two kids.
Many nights it is pushing eleven o'clock before we get home from one of John's games if it was a late starting time.

Emily will have Grace and Grant in bed.
 Often I will find her reading or texting friends or playing on her computer.

Occasionally though we find her like this.....

I think she is worn out some nights after watching this guy.......

I know the feeling, Emily!!

Thank you, Emily, for all you do!

I love you.

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