Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Science Center Visit

Look what I found on my file tonight....

pictures from MARCH taken at the Science Center.

Grace's school rents the entire place including the Imax theater for an evening of free fun for all families of students.

Appropriately enough the evening is called
Family Fun Night at the Science Center.

(Clever name, huh?)
(Imagine what kind of name the Shupe family could have come up with if they had only asked.)

Her school has a family fun night each month.
Some activites the PTA sponsors include drive-in movie nights in the spring and fall, renting the Science Center, renting the YMCA across the street from the school, sock hops at school, in addition to a skating party every month of the school year.

They are a very well supported PTA and very active.  I appreciate all the work those girls (and guys) do for the kids at school.


because I had family in town that weekend,
guess who also got a free tour of the science center and a free show at the Imax?

Ummm, yeah.

Good guess.

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