Monday, August 20, 2012

Catching Up - Again!!!!!!!!!!!

So once again we are home and I am trying to catch up.  That's life.  Right?

All or part of the Shupe clan has been at the farm the past nine days tending to our newest zoo member.  Not much else has been getting done around here.

The baby is doing well now. 

I noticed my picture from last Sunday did not come through on the blog.  Sorry for that.  I will try again.

There....hope it worked this time.
I will post more recent pictures when I get some downloaded.

Right now I have to work on getting things ready for school.  Most of the Shupe troop start back to school on Tuesday this week.  We've got some school things to finalize along with trying to have a little fun on the last official day of summer vacation.

Goodnight all!

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