Friday, August 31, 2012

Milestones and Mail

Grant is starting kindergarten next week.
We went in Thursday to meet his teacher and do placement testing.
He is excited to get started.  Two weeks home alone while the big kids are in school has him bored enough to make starting kindergarten appealing.
I cannot believe the baby is now a school boy.
We are always getting packages in the mail.

I am an Amazon woman.
not this kind of Amazon woman.....
This is the kind of amazon woman I have become. 
If I can buy it online, I am not wasting a trip to the store.  I can shop in my pajamas at three in the morning with no children begging me for stuff we don't need.  Plus I don't have to fight traffic, parking or people.
The only thing nicer would be if my kids would learn to put the dirty dishes IN the dishwasher, not just NEAR the dishwasher.
 lots of packages make their way to our doorstep with great regularity.
One of the best packages I have ever opened held some surprising content.
Take a look.


Inside this tiny little box

I found


Yes, she folder herself over to fit down in that thing.

Grandma, she obviously did not inherit your aversion to small spaces!

She was so proud of herself.

Yeah, I'm proud of her too....
maybe not for her self-folding-box-cramming-body-squishing talent,
but for so many other things, I am very proud of her.
Happy visiting in Edwardsville this weekend!
Love you all.

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  1. She could grow up to be one of those magicians assistants who fold into those little bittie boxes and swords poked at them!