Friday, August 10, 2012

Even Rip Van Winkle finally woke up and got to work!


Yes, I know it seems like this blog has been very Rip Van Winkle-ish the past month.

Contrary to how it appears, we have been busy.

It seems all I do anymore is pack to leave, leave, get home, unpack, catch up, pack to leave, leave, get home........

you get the idea.


I refused to post until I got things caught up around here.
Well, I did.

Then I refused to post until I got caught up loading and sorting pictures.
Well, I did that too.



I am finally ready to start posting again.

Here is what Grant has been up to the past month.........



He can read lots of Dr. Seuss books.

He can read them in a car.  He can read them in a boat.
He can read them in the dark and he can read them with a goat.
Sorry about that.  I'll stop now.

He has made it his mission this summer to read a set of reading primer books that I bought when Grace was in kindergarten.

He has now read all forty of them......

which is great.....

except for one little detail.

That exact set of books is what he will be using to 'learn to read' in kindergarten this fall.
I wonder what they will do when they find out he can already read all of them.

No matter what happens at school,

we are proud of him.

and I am glad to be back to blogging!


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