Sunday, August 26, 2012


It is with an exhausted sigh and much satisfaction that I announce
Last Tuesday was the first day of school for most of the Shupe Zoo.
It has been a great summer full of fun, but all good things must end.
I'm always glad to see summer arrive and GLADDER to see it end.
(who ever uses a word like gladder?)
These two were the first to go...notice it was still dark outside when I sent them off to the bus.

They are big bad eighth graders this year.
They are flying high and enjoying life right now.
Classes are good and things seem off to a solid start.
The only thing I have heard complaints about is that they have four out of six classes together this year.  They have had only one class, band, together in the past two years. 
We'll see how this works.
Later that morning, the second shift of scholars set off for a new year at school.
Grace is a second grader this year.
She seems to be doing so much better this year than last year.
I have only had one morning of tears as I kiss her and push her out the car door ( not while the car is moving, mind you).
I think having familiar faces in her class has helped with the transition back to school.
I am keeping my fingers crossed (well, and praying too) for a continued happy experience for her.

The other one in this picture doesn't start until after Labor Day. 
He and I are hanging out and trying to enjoy a few days of one on one time.

I waited to get his school supplies until the others were back in school.
He and I made a special trip with just the two of us to pick out his school supplies.
He was SO SERIOUS about picking things and getting them ready to go.
I cannot believe all four kids will be in school five days a week this year.
I wonder if there will be any tears as we send him off next week.
I wonder if he will cry too. (smile)
I have a little present for you tomorrow....
I ran out of time tonight.
David and I were at the farm tonight checking on things.
He pulled a turtle out of the pond.
We are trying to get all of the turtles out before we stock it with fish this fall.
I checked on the bees.
It looks like we might be able to share a little honey with the bees this fall.
We can't take too much since they need it for food through the winter and because it is a new hive and we have had such a dry miserable summer.
I don't think they'll miss a little bit though.
I am feeding them through the fall to try and build them up and help them recover from the hot dry summer.
Most importantly, we checked on Snickers.
She is doing great.....bucking, kicking, running and playing around.
Mama Mare is doing well too.
I'll post pictures this week.
At least, I PLAN to post pictures this week.

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