Thursday, August 23, 2012

Let's Try That Again

We are home again.

We have actually been home for four days in a row now.

I have almost unburied myself again....

                if you overlook the mountain of clean laundry on the closet floor.....

                            and the dirty laundry waiting patiently for its turn in the washer....

                                        and the mountains of papers piled on my desk...........

                                                 and the errands still to run............

                                                          and the ironing........

but other than those little things, I'm caught up again!

So once again I will say with no real measure of certainty that I am ready to start blogging again....

that is unless something crazy happens

like a foal showing up unannounced in our pasture

or a hippo should wander into our back yard needing cared for

or maybe being selected to host a reality show about life at a zoo. 

I won't rule out anything at this point.

Horse Update:
Juliet is a knucklehead.

She flatly refuses to be a good mother.  David and I have stood sentry for hours on end trying to get her to be nice to her baby.
She thinks mothering involves kicking, biting and stepping on said offspring.
Bella (the one who stole the baby from its mom)has been banished to the back pasture with all other mares who might possibly try to interfere in the care of said foal.
Psycho ponies have also been banished to the back field with the cows for now.
Juliet (the birth mare) is hanging out in the front field with the gelded gang for now.
She'll get demoted to the back pasture soon.
So how is baby?
After hours and hours and days and days of around the clock watch at the barn we finally threw our hands up in the air and decided we had to do something new.
If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different outcome each time, then we were nigh on the edge of being insane.
Things just weren't getting any better.

We contacted a nurse mare farm (who knew there was such a thing?!) (I didn't.)
Within an hour they had delivered a mare to take care of the baby.
We then started all over again with the new mare trying to get her to accept the foal.
About two days into this new phase of our adventure I was beginning to think we would have more luck nailing jello to a tree than we would finding a mare to accept this baby.

things worked out.
They usually do.

Sometimes I just wish they would work out a little sooner so I could have fewer gray hairs.

Baby is doing great.
New momma (who has no name) is doing a super job.

We are home.
Let's hope we can stay here for a few more days before the next big adventure unfolds.
I've got mountains of laundry calling my name.
Oh yes,
baby's got a new name.
The family named her Snickers.

She's no longer a Milk Dud.
It's a long story.

I won't elaborate.

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