Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Catching Up

A very wise person gave this to me....
I am sure I will be saying this prayer a lot for the next seven years (plus five more for Grace) (plus two more for Grant).
I guess there is comfort in the thought that I will NEVER have four teenagers all at once. 
That would not be pretty.
Last week we went downtown to Waterfront Park

to play and have fun

on the last day of summer vacation.

It was a beautiful day.

Grant could not resist chasing the ducks.

Dad met us downtown at Joe's for one last summer lunch.
Oh, and that is ROOTBEER, not beer, in John's hand.

After lunch

I let the kids play in the spray park.

Some were a little more enthusiastic than others about getting soaked.

Before we left we rented a surrey bike
and took a spin around the downtown.
Kind of a nice way to end summer vacation.

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