Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Family Divided

I have always said John and Emily though twins by birth shared not much in common other than the actual date of their birth.  Oil and water symbolize the dynamics of their relationship with one another.

Now it has come to this.

They each have their own family crest.
Emily's work of art
John's creation
This was for honors English class (I think).
Looks more like art class to me, but no one asked my opinion as usual.
Here's the rest of the crew gettin' their art on too.
Grace has discovered the fine art of potholder making...

Grant workin' the paints...

See the tongue stuck out? Yes, he's concentrating.

It appears he's skipped right over Halloween and went straight for the holiday that gets serious about food...Thanksgiving.

Grace's painting of a horse, of course.

Lego creation complete with solar panel for extra power boost

See the bracelets on his arm?

Here is Grace making one of them.

Grant can be found with about twenty of these things on his arm most days as he heads out the door to school.  I have to remind him that he can not wear them to class.

The kids around here are wild about these things now.
You cannot find the bands to make these in any craft store in town.
They sell out so fast.

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