Friday, October 11, 2013

Crawdads and Sheds

Catching crawdads in the creek

Grant likes to take them home and put in his fish tank.

Sometimes he will have up to twenty at a time.

Crawdads are not very clean tank dwellers.
They do pretty well as long as Mom keeps the tank water changed every couple days.
That happens for a while then I get busy (like this past week).
The result?
A tank full of smelly crawdads waiting to be flushed because they didn't survive!
Grant is okay with that.  He doesn't get mad.

Follow Grace to see our latest farm project.

Glen (our bulldozer guy) just pushed a fence row near the middle pasture to prepare for a machine shed.

We hope to have a shed built before the end of the year.
Hope being the key word.

Things often don't go according to plan around the farm!

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