Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fall Break = Blog Break

Well, back to reality finally.

The kids had fall break the past several days.  Thursday night last week saw us back at the Georgetown drive-in for the school family fun night.

 The movie was the classic version of "The Wizard of Oz". 

Not my first choice, but the kids enjoyed it.    Emily took a new friend, Emalee, from high school with her to see the movie.  What a great girl.  I had not met her since she is new to our neighborhood.  It is always a bonus to have friends that live close that also meet parent approval.  Emalee does both.

Friday morning we loaded up the travel trailer and headed back to Renfro Valley, Kentucky, where we spent the long weekend doing as little as possible. 

Everyone needed a chance to rest and recharge.  The little ones had fun playing on the playground and of course the bouncing pillow.  The big ones got a chance to work on an online health course they have to complete by next month for ROTC.  David and I got to sit still.  When did that start being such a treat?

The big mystery which shall forever remain unsolved is what happened to our shoes while camping.  As we packed up to come home, I sent Emily outside to bag up everybody's wet shoes.  She put them in a trash bag and set them by the bag of clothes. 

Never.  Made.  It.  Home.

Of course no one will confess to throwing out a trash bag full of shoes.  We have looked everywhere for them.  It would have hurt less had it been old or junk shoes.  No such luck.  Everyone lost their school shoes.  Looks like we will be eating bologna for a few weeks while we pay for new shoes!!

The kids were still out of school the first half of this week.  Monday was a quiet day at home with nothing on the calendar except swim lessons in the afternoon.

 We ran some errands (like buying new shoes for everyone!!) and caught up on life.

Tuesday was parent teacher conference day at school.  We met with Grace and Grant's teachers.  Both were given good reports.  We are proud of them, of course. 

Grade cards come home today.  With online technology, there is no surprise when opening grade cards now, but it still marks the moment of truth when high schoolers see if their hard work paid off the previous six weeks.  I will say that high school has challenged both kids to work harder.  They are in honors classes all day.  I will accept a lower gpa gladly knowing they are being fully challenged each day in class!  My only criteria is to keep the gpa high enough to earn those available college credits by their senior year of high school.  Daddy's wallet can use some help putting two through college at the same time!!

John made another trip to the orthodontist Tuesday for new wires.  I have a whole new appreciation for braces after watching someone go through the process.  Though a little sensitive the first day, he never complains about the whole process.  I have learned to keep the fridge stocked with pudding.

  That seems to be compensation enough for any discomfort he experiences.  He loves this stuff!

My spare time the past few weeks has been spent working on training hours to keep our fostering license current.  I can think of lots of other things to be doing, but I guess it is a necessity.

Also, just wanted to say congratulations once again to the Edwardsville Simms family.  It would appear there will be two wedding next fall.  Congratulations to Bethany and Matt Kendel.  What a fun pair you are! 

And Jim S.  Congratulations on your great news.  We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers as you recover.


I think that covers just about everything.  If you are still reading, then congratulation.  That was a whole lot of news copy and not much pictorial.  I'll work on that next time.


  1. Aw just saw this. Thanks guys! Maybe ya'll should plan a TX trip sometime before the free hotel closes next summer!

  2. Will look into it. Not sure when it would work other than summer