Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Crazy Crazy Crazy Days

Some days are bad hair days no matter how hard you try.
Other days are bad hair days BECAUSE you try.
It is Red Ribbon Week at their elementary school this week.
Monday - Wear Red Day
Tuesday - Crazy Socks Day
Wednesday - Crazy Hair Day
Thursday - Pajama Day
Friday - Spirit Day
The kids are having a lot of fun with the crazy days.  Tomorrow is pajama day.  It also happens to be Grant's class field trip to the corn maze.   Pajamas and corn fields...not a good combination.  I'm thinking there will be some cold wet kids by the end of the field trip.  He insists he will wear pajamas tomorrow no matter what. 
We'll see who wins that one.
I'm sort of tired of the crazy days theme at school.
John and Emily had spirit week last week which meant
Costume Day - Halloween costumes in high school
Pajama Day
Purple Pride Day
Mismatch Day
Black Doom to Manual(the rival team) Day
The school had a movie night, powder puff football game night and their regular game against their football rival, Manual, on Friday night.
this week is homecoming week.
Neon Day
Favorite Cartoon Character Day
Spirit Day
Class Color Day
Favorite College Team Day
So this weekend is the actual homecoming football game and dance.
Enough already.
I think after this week it is about time to get back to the books (and the uniforms).
How about Sanity for Mom day?
Of course there are no pictures of John and Emily dressed up for their 'days'.
You don't really think they would stand still for that do you?
So instead, how about some more crazy hair?
By the way, Grant is representing the Illini well....
blue and orange hair.

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