Thursday, October 17, 2013

Piano Recital Time!!!

Last night was piano recital night at the Shupe house.
That term is used pretty loosely around here.
It involved four kids fresh from Mom's barber chair and a shower waiting on bedtime.
Yes, our recitals are performed in pj's.
First to perform was Grace playing one of her old favorites.
Grant took a turn then playing his current project.
I am still teaching these two.
If you want to call it teaching.
Let's be honest here....
I'm just not as organized as I was with John and Emily.
Often two or even three weeks go by before I remember I have not sat down to work with Grace and Grant on a new piece.  Grace deserves much of the credit for what Grant knows.
She does a great job helping him when he is having trouble.
He likes to play, but we need to work on polishing his performance up a bit for the camera. 
We'll get there.

This piece is one out of Grace's book that she taught him.  Grant LOVES it.
He plays it all of the time though not very well!!
He is still in the beginner piano book.
Not sure how he managed to even pound out this song as well as he did.
This is Grace's current piece that she is working on. 
 She is now in the third piano book.  I feel like she is starting to play things that really sound like music!
John and Emily have spent the last year working with a piano teacher named Jarod.
He comes to our house once a week to teach.
What a blessing not to have to travel for lessons!
John and Emily have made great progress while working with Jarod.
They have progressed far beyond what I could teach them.
Here are a few bits of John goofing around last night.
He was not having a good night at the keyboard.
I think video cameras must make him nervous!
For each clip we managed to download here, I deleted three or four that were clunkers!
We were having fun though.
I think that counts for a lot.
You will notice the severe lack of video footage of Emily.
We were having some technical difficulties with her recordings.
I promise I will rectify that problem as soon as possible.
I know that will thrill her.
Thanks for watching!

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