Sunday, October 20, 2013

Patience Personified

How can you tell when John and Emily have not walked the dogs?

Remington will sit and stare at the doorknob

then look expectantly at the dog walker in question
with tail wagging madly

then continue staring intently at the doorknob
as if it alone holds the secret to getting walked.

Sometimes he will do this for fifteen minutes or more when the kids get home from school...
patiently waiting on them to open the door so he can go on his walk.
Patience personified.

Speaking of walk....

Grant walked to the bus stop in his cowboy boots the other day.

He decided to wear his cowboy boots after he realized big sister had hers on.
Doesn't everyone wear boots with shorts?
I can only imagine what adults at school must say about
"those poor Shupe kids"
when they catch a glimpse of our kids some days.

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