Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Computers Compulsions and Celebrations

We are here and we are EXCITED to think spring is on its way!
Never mind that white stuff blowing around outside my window as I type.  I refuse to acknowledge anything that looks like snow.
the computer is completely dead.
I am grateful to have David's Surface to work on while the computer is off being fixed.  I just wish my eyes were better or the Surface was bigger.  We aren't very compatible in the visual department.  I'm old, and it is not!
We have been busy around here the past couple weeks.
It would appear there is more than one person in this house with OCD tendencies.  I promise I did not sort the M & M's according to their color.
In the time I have NOT spent sorting M & M's I have helped a certain little girl celebrate a birthday.
Grace is now officially nine years old.
She celebrated by having a sleepover with a few of her friends Friday night.  They played outside and made bead pets and suncatchers then finished the evening watching the new Disney movie, FROZEN.  They talked and giggled themselves to sleep by eleven that night and were up bright and early the next morning to play with Grace's new American Girl doll accessories she received as birthday presents.
Saturday evening we enjoyed visiting with Cale and John who helped David clean up fence rows at the farm all day Saturday.  Thank you guys for all of your hard work.  We really appreciate you taking the weekend to help and to visit.
Grandma and Grandpa joined the fun Sunday for a birthday lunch and cake in honor of the birthday girl.  What a nice visit!  Thanks for coming.
Lots more to catch up on now that I have figured out how to post on this teeny tiny computer.  Right now I'm off to sort some more M & M's.
Not really.

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