Wednesday, March 26, 2014

One of THOSE days

David and I really have a lot of free time.  We are looking for something to do to while away the hours now that the kids are all in school.
He has said for many years that we should/could sell the bulletin boards we made for the kids' rooms.  I have always laughed it off as a crazy idea.
When we took down John and Emily's bulletin boards during their room makeovers, David again said we should try and market them. 
Let me stop right here and say that forever David and I will be the best and worst partners for each other.  David can find us more than our fair share of crazy things to do, and I can usually find some crazy way to do it.
With the internet being today's market to the world, I spent an evening setting up an account on the Etsy website to sell bulletin boards.  See?
Sure enough.
In a matter of a few short weeks we sold one.
David jumped right up from the couch, threw down his beer and TV remote and got to work.
Soon he had a lovely bulletin board ready to ship.
Wanting to keep our buyer up to date, I sent him a picture of his new airplane bulletin board.
His response?
It was supposed to be green.
So I cancelled my spa treatment and my tennis lesson for today.  I'm off to Lowe's for green paint
Because the customer is always right.
Who comes up with these brilliant ideas anyway??

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