Friday, June 26, 2015

Doctors and More Doctors

This has been the week of doctor visits. 

Grant came close to earning his very own trip to the doctor. His knee met his face pretty hard while jumping on trampolines at SkyZone. He's tough though. A few tears and an ice pack and he was soon back on the trampolines running with the big kids. 

Four kids to the optometrist on Monday.  A trip with Grandpa on Wednesday. Two kids to the doctor for physicals on Thursday.  Two visited the orthodontist, and then all four kids made a to the dentist on Friday.  Fun times I tell you. 

Today's trip to the dentist ended with me urging my kids to take candy from a stranger. Well, he wasn't REALLY a stranger, but Grace and Grant did not remember him. While I was paying our bill, in walked the dry cleaning guy who used to deliver laundry to our house. I haven't seen him in probably four years. The kids used to love him because he would always have tootsie rolls in his pocket for them. If they weren't around when he dropped off our laundry, he would leave tootsie rolls in the ticket bag for them. 

Grace remembered him. Grant did not. But when he dug a handful of tootsie rolls from his pocket for each of them, he instantly became their best friend all over again. Both kids found it amazing to walk out of the dentist office with fists full of sticky sugary tootsie rolls. I too found a bit of irony in the situation. 

We visited for a while. He is a sweet guy and surprisingly he remembered us. 

I am happy to report that all doctor appointments resulted in good reports. Grant has to add a bottom retainer to go with his current top retainer. This news brought a few eight year old tears. He thought he was finished with retainers since he has been so faithful to wear it. He recovered quickly though and was off playing again.  We pick up his new retainer next week. 

In other doctor news, I recently had my six month CT scan. The scan showed no new cancer. Gotta love news like that. On with life for another six months. I repeat scans in December. 

Speaking of random sightings of familiar faces, I spotted another familiar face when at the hospital for my CT scan. While sitting in the waiting room, I had the pleasure of speaking to Pat Day, a well respected jockey who happens to live near us. He was there with his wife. We exchanged hellos but I refrained from saying much else to him.  What a great guy though. 

Happy Friday!

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