Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Grant's Story

Trouble Maker

            Hmmmm…How can I get Grace’s money while she’s not looking?  I thought to myself.  Where is she anyway?  Oh good, she’s playing outside.  Now is my chance to get into the playroom where we keep our banks.
            I crept into the playroom like an Indian sneaking up to its prey and put in her password.  Fortunately it is easy….7890.  The bank beeped to let me know I got the password right and then popped open.  I pulled out a ten dollar bill, and then I snatched out another ten.  Then I grabbed a fifty dollar bill.  I shut the bank quickly so Grace wouldn’t notice.
            I snuck out and yelled at my mother in the other room.  “Mom, can I shop on the computer?”  “Sure,” she announced.  Pok’ here I come!  I thought to myself.  I found exactly what I wanted.  It was a tin can with a big bunch of pok’emon cards inside.  What a deal!
            “How much have you spent?” Mom asked.  “I don’t know,” I answered.  She reviewed my past orders and found out that I had spent about $132.  Then she asked how I still had money left.  She called Grace upstairs and told her to go count her money.  “I originally had $254,” Grace said. “Now I only have $184.  Have you been stealing money, Grant?”  “Yes,” I said with my head hanging down looking at the floor.  “Go get me all your pok’emon and put it on my bed right now, mister.  It stays there for a week!” shouted Mom. 
I was pretty sad.  I learned a valuable lesson.  Do not take anything from anywhere or anyone because it is not right.  It is unfair to those who lose their things.  I can also get into big trouble, and that doesn’t feel good.

Well at least I can say two positive things here....okay maybe three. 

1.  Grant is a decent little writer.

2.  He learned a good lesson from the money snatching episode.


3.  I guess even bad experiences can have good consequences.  He had a great subject for his personal narrative.

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