Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sunday stuff

Our grain mill....

Loving it. Love it even more now that we put a motor on it. Cranking it would be a full time job to keep enough flour milled for our family!  Also, we can make peanut butter with it. Still working on that one. 

Look who landed his spaceship in my office. 

He spent some time working..,

Not sure what type of work he does. 

Then it was time for a snack. A hamster's gotta eat!
Ritz crackers tops his list of favorite foods. 

Grant insisted I take a picture of his chicken strip. He thought it looked like a seahorse. 
I obliged. Seahorse chicken strips are important. At least they are important to eight year old boys. 

Strawberry pie made with my rendered lard. I have been ordered to never again make a pie using vegetable shortening. 
The lard pie crust received high ratings from all who got a chance to try it. 

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