Thursday, June 25, 2015

Farm stuff and funny stuff

Snickers might be just a tad codependent.  She makes driving through the pasture more than a little difficult.

Someone needs to teach her some manners...and fast!!

 Being the baby.....she gets by with a lot of poor behavior.  

Barn progress....

June 2

June 21


There should be rafters up by now. 

We are going for a world record in the category of 


We will hold this record for many years to come I fear. 

I rolled four kids out of bed Tuesday morning and had them pulling weeds in the garden by 7:30. 
I wasn't feeling the love from my kids that morning.  By noon when it was ninety degrees they no longer hated me. They had backed down to only mildly disliking me for making them weed the entire garden. They did appreciate the fact that we completed the work in the cool hours of the day. 

Parent. Of. The. Year. 

Joke of the day...,.

If a husband talks in the middle of the forest and his wife isn't around to hear, is he still wrong?

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