Saturday, July 30, 2016

Farm and Fair

The Journey concert was a lot of fun last night. Our tickets were for open seating on the lawn. This was a fun spot until the skies opened up and poured. 

The concert finally restarted at ten o'clock last night after we waited patiently in our car for severe weather to move through the Cincinnati area. When Journey finally took the stage, heat, cold, wind and rain could not diminish the pleasure on the face of our rock and roll loving nine year old son. 


After a very late night last night, we got a late start today but headed to the farm today to get a little work done. 

Topping the list was canning enough beans today to bring the total for the year to eighty pints. 

While I worked in the kitchen, the rest of the gang dug potatoes. We got about two five gallon buckets full. Not as many as we hoped, but a good crop considering our lack of timely care for an attention loving plant. 

And this is what you get when you tell type A kids to spread the potatoes out on a piece of cardboard. 
Potatoes in perfectly straight rows. 

Then it was time for birthday cakes. But alas no one wanted cake this year. Instead we enjoyed birthday pies....pecan for john and chocolate for Emily. 

Then off for another night of fun at the county fair. 

And even though we had already enjoyed pie, what would a fair be without a funnel cake?

Whew!  After so much fun and a lot of junk food, I'm ready for a nap!!

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