Saturday, July 9, 2016


I know, right?  I'm actually posting!!!

This summer has been lived at warp speed.  I'm not even going to try to fill in all of the details, but I will try to find a few minutes here and there to hit the highlights.

John and Emily finished their junior year and are starting to look toward ths fall and senior year and even further to college.  With that in mind, we spent several days in June visiting various colleges in Indiana and Kentucky.  Though IU Bloomington won my daughter's heart, it did not win over our hearts nor our bank account.  It was a great college, and Emily will definitely apply.  We will have to see what kind of financial aid and scholarships they offer her.  Closer to home and closer to our budget was her next favorite selection...University of Kentucky.  This too won her heart.  We shall see where she chooses.  She visited all of her top five choices including IU, UK, Murray State, Western Kentucky University and University of Louisville.

John tagged along on some of the college visits.  He still has his sights set on Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs.  His backup plan consists of  some of the same colleges as Emily.    The next year will definitely be full of hard choices for both of them.

In other John and Emily news, both are employed this summer.  John took a job working at Taco Bell.  Emily is working at Arby's.  Both are located at the shopping center near the entrance to our subdivision.  The sweetest part is they work at adjacent restaurants and are able to wave at one another if they work at the same time.  Of course you can imagine how happy that made them.

And because our life is interesting, but not THAT interesting, I will stop with the text and share a few pictures from this summer.

I have changed beekeeping equipment as well as the breed of bees we keep.  The old frames were all plastic.  Now I'm using wood/wax frames. 

The results are amazing.  Happy bees make lots of honey.  

The new barn has made for some very happy cows too.

 No more loading them onto a trailer just to move them from one pasture to another.  And working them for vaccinations and tags just got a whole lot easier too!

 Happy cows make for happy farmers too.  Here we were working our one year old bulls. 
 David said the least I could have done was to take pictures of our two year olds so it didn't look like we were raising miniature cows.

David found this little guy while mowing pasture.  I'm always amazed how close they will let a human get before they finally panic and run away.

 And from the comedy section of our life at the zoo.....

because where else would you store your ear plugs when they weren't in your ears???

Because hoodies are so comfortable to wear....

when you put your entire body in them


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