Friday, July 15, 2016

What Were We Thinking?!

Grace's hamster died last week. I secretly marveled that he made it more than two years. My next thought (though not very nice) was a wish that Grant's hamster would cross over to hamster heaven soon. His hamster is in rough teeth, can't see, no hair and wrinkled like a Shar-Pei puppy. I would have put all my money on Squeak dying before Shirley. (That's why I'm not a betting person.)  Squeak is still hanging in there. And so after a few days grieving, Grace decided she wanted a new hamster. 

We didn't buy her a new hamster. We bought Grace and Grant two new hamsters. We now have three of the little rodents. This will guarantee Grant's first hamster, Squeak, a long and healthy life. Seeing as how I'm betting on his poor health. 

So the zoo lost one member and gained two. 

Meet Jeff and Jessie.  Our cage climbing hamsters. 

I forgot just how crazy baby hamsters can be. 

And the names?  
Grace and Grant love a physical fitness contest called America Ninja Warrior. So they've named their hamsters after their two favorite contestants on the show. 

And speaking of what were we thinking...

Our new drummer is enjoying his new drum set. 

He's preparing his awesome moves for his future as a famous drummer. 

Yeah. Whatever. 

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