Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Summer Trip

This past Thursday we left town and headed to Manchester, Tennessee, for a few days of fun.

We kamped in a KOA kampground that we visited two years ago.
It is a fun place with lots of things for the kids to do.

Here's a view of a few things we enjoyed over the weekend.

Ummm, I know I need to lose weight....but that is NOT ME in the yellow shirt.  
Just sayin'.

 One of the highlights for the kids was eating at a 'real' 50s burger joint in Manchester.  
The food was great.  The prices were low.  The restaurant was more toy museum than dining room.

 It was a lot of fun.

In addition to feeding our kids, we fed some wildlife while camping.
 This little guy was well fed and knew his way around the campground pretty well.
He knew the routine.
Act cute.  Don't get too close.  People will throw him food.

Speaking of wildlife and food...

Upon our return home Sunday afternoon, I headed to the farm with John and Emily to check on the garden.  We picked a gallon of blackberries and almost four gallons of green beans.

How does that relate to feeding wildlife?
We are in a raging battle with the coons for our corn this year.  We have lost more times than we've won the past few years.  I'm hoping this year we can outsmart the little pests and enjoy some home grown corn!!

I'm headed back to the farm tomorrow to can them.  I'm guessing there will be even more to pick.

Well, sort of fun.

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