Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Just Stuff

 I've heard there are people that can find a four leaf clover while walking across a lawn.
I've never known one of those people until now.

 Grace found this one after church a few weeks ago.
She frequently finds them....without trying!
 I hope that makes her lucky in life.
And I hope some of that luck rubs off on the rest of her siblings.

Emily's class ring

 John's class ring

I still can't believe they will be seniors this fall.
They go to have senior pictures done next week.

End of year band banquet...this is quite an event for the kids.
Catered dinner at a local country club.  All dressed up.

It was a lot of fun for everyone.


Speaking of band....
Grant will start beginning band this year as a fourth grader.

He is unsure what instrument he wants to play in band, but he has expressed enough interest in a particular instrument that we bought him his very own....

I am well stocked with ear plugs and Tylenol.

But I DO NOT wear my ear plugs like Grant does.

He's pretty good on the drums.  John has showed him a few rhythms.  I'm not sure he will play drums in school, but I think he is interested enough to do lessons on them for a while.  We shall see.

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