Friday, November 10, 2017

Uniformed and Uninformed

During the Memorial Day weekend, our entire family made the trip to our local military cemetery to honor those who served and gave their lives for their country.  Even though I missed posting these pictures during my summer blog-cation, it seems only fitting to post them in time to honor all those who served as the country observes Veterans Day tomorrow...and today, if you're a bank. 😉

I would also like to honor my own uniformed son.

During my long summer blog-cation,
I don't think I ever posted the final pictures I took of him in his uniform.

His dad and I are very proud of his four years in JROTC.

And now, from the UNIFORMED
I move on.

Let me introduce you to the UNINFORMED.

Without warning,
this ragtag group of couples has somehow bonded
to quickly become some of our closest friends.

They're loud, funny, sometimes clueless, often inappropriate
and a complete joy to share life with.

One of the guys decided to snap this picture of us enjoying
a rainy Memorial Day together at the farm.

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