Saturday, November 25, 2017

When The Computer Works

When the computer is in the mood to work, 
I can load pictures to the blog!

Grant's class took a field trip to the bowling alley.
This was in May at the end of fourth grade.

These guys are best buddies.
They are such a sweet, nerdy bunch.

You cannot help but laugh at their conversations.

They even chose to dress alike for the field trip.

Who needs a pillow when there's a dog close by?

Kids making a water slide

This was at a Fourth of July party

Grant's handiwork

Although he made an awesome flag from M & M's,
it made the thought of eating them less than desirable.

I mean, he's not the most diligent hand washer.
And he did touch every single piece in the dish.

I hope your Thanksgiving was good.
Thank you to everyone that helped make 
the Simms Family Thanksgiving happen this year!

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