Monday, August 16, 2010

How Much Will A Penny Buy?

If you are the parent of a preschooler or two

and you happen to be at the mall on a rainy day in July

after thunderstorms closed your favorite swimming hole

then a roll of pennies might just buy you

an hour of peace

sitting on a bench in said mall watching said children throwing said pennies into the many fountains available

It definitely will buy you some smiles!

We hung out at the mall one afternoon after the weather refused to cooperate with our attempts to swim at the pool.

We shared some chinese food and indulged in a trip to the cookie store too.

the kids were having fun just horsing around

which allowed me to have fun taking pictures of them having fun

I'm sure some people wondered about our well being 

but most seemed not to notice

Anyway, we managed to occupy ourselves for a couple hours

before trudging back out into the rain to make our way home 


if your expectations are not too high

a penny will buy you quite a bit these days!

and a few more smiles too!

One dollar's worth of pennies = A million dollar's worth of smiles and memories

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